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Sermons on Animals

Surely, the Presence…

Scripture: Genesis 28:10-19 Jill A. Kirchner-Rose, MDIV, DMIN November 15, 2015 Some of you have said that this is your absolutely favorite worship service of the year.  I have a feeling that it may be one of my favorites, too!  There are few opportunities in the Christian religion to celebrate our fellow creatures.  Too often,…

David Clark pet blessing

Pet Blessing Sunday

What does it mean to bless animals, what are we doing? Is it a magic spell? We throw around the word blessed all the time. But sometimes it’s good to remember that blessings are more about giving God thanks for gifts and praying that we enjoy the gifts properly. It’s to pray for a good life, happiness, safety. When we learn to bless animals, we learn to bless all creation and one another.