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Music Director

Music Director – Redlands United Church of Christ.
We are a growing congregation in Redlands, CA that offers an opportunity to work with a talented, engaged choir of approximately
20 members.
The Congregation: RUCC is a progressive, Christian congregation of approximately 150 members and is known for the great care we take with parishioners and employees alike.
• Our Choir consists of life-long learners who love music and want to increase their skills.
• We believe in collaboration and seek a music director who is able to work effectively with our Senior Minister, as well as other church staff and lay leaders.
The Position: Music Director.
• We offer a starting hourly pay of $25.00 per hour.
• The Music Director position will be a quarter-time position (10 hours per week).
• The Music Director reports directly to the Senior Minister. Duties are carried out in consultation with the Senior Minister, the Accompanist and the Worship Area Leader. The Senior Minister, in partnership with the Personnel Committee, oversees the annual performance evaluation of the Music Director.
• Sufficient musical proficiency to conduct choirs performing a wide range of sacred choral music.
• Thorough knowledge of liturgical music, both traditional and contemporary.
• Knowledge of the principles and techniques of choral directing.
• Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with all members of the church staff, the Accompanist, choir members and congregation.
• Ability to teach vocal and choral techniques and performance skills.
• Coordinates all aspects of the music ministries at Redlands United Church of Christ.
• Plans, organizes, prepares, and conducts the choral portions of the Sunday services, special services and music programs.
• Works collaboratively with the Senior Minister and Accompanist to select music for church functions including worship services and special music programs.
• Recruits new choir members from the community and the congregation.
• Auditions candidates for the position of Paid Choral Intern, when budgeted, and recommends to the Personnel Committee for approval by the Church Board.
• Supervises approved Paid Choral Intern and participates in their performance evaluation process.
• Trains and directs the church choir to increase their musical skills and to enhance the congregation’s worship of God.
The Location: Redlands United Church of Christ is located in Redlands, CA. Our proximity to the University of Redlands is a tremendous resource, as many of our members are on the faculty of the university. Our Paid Choir Intern is often a student in the esteemed music program at the University of Redlands.

Why Should You Apply?
Redlands United Church of Christ is a dynamic, growing congregation that is excited to welcome a talented Music Director. We have added new members to our congregation consistently for several years and currently have construction underway to add an education wing, as well as remodeling several other spaces in our facility. We look forward to your application!

Please contact Personnel Chair, Kraig Beardemphl to make application for this position.
You may call me at:
Phone: 951-897-4583

Please send your CV and/or Resume to: