What You’ll Find at Redlands United Church of Christ

We cherish all people, including those who feel unwelcome, overlooked or excluded by other churches. We are a progressive, open and affirming congregation with vibrant spirituality, deep commitment to social justice and appreciation of fine arts.

“That Church”

We are a place where forgiveness is practiced, hospitality offered, and hope is alive. Redlands United Church of Christ is a place that celebrates diversity including that of race, belief, musical tastes, and gender identity. We believe everyone is on a spiritual path and we are trying to help each other progress on the journey. It’s a place of safety, grace and freedom where we explore the faith and learn from each other’s experiences.

Sometimes you’ll hear folks at Redlands United Church of Christ refer to the congregation’s mission as being “that church” in the community. What do they mean by “that church?”

  • That church…that accepts and affirms everyone as God’s beloved.
  • That church…that offers grace instead of judgment.
  • That church…that is focused on providing a safe context for spiritual exploration.
  • That church…that takes bold stands for peace and justice—especially for the disenfranchised and the “least” among us.
  • That church…that finds common ground with other faith traditions.
  • That church…that encourages critical thinking about faith and how to apply it to daily life.
  • That church with the fabulous art show, labyrinth and community garden.
  • That church that is growing and always listening for God’s word for us today.

RUCC is That Church; is this the church that’s right for you?