"That Church"

Children and Youth

Planned Activities:

Infant- 4 or 5 yrs. old: We provide nursery care beginning at 9:30 and through the 10:30 service for those who would like to participate in adult classes or choir and need that care.

Kids K-5th Grade: We have Sunday School at 9:30 – 10:20. This session is Biblically-based and focuses on the life and message of Jesus. We have discussions, mini-plays, role-playing, guest-speakers, music, art, comic art, and lots else (and we’re working on a movie!).house_buliding

We join the adults in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service.

After the Children’s Circle, a short lesson with the kids at the front of the church, we go to Kids’ Zone. Our current curriculum thru the summer is A Joyful Path, curriculum and extra fun things ‘stuck in’ just for grins (like water play day!  More info on the way).  Summer is no time to slack off at RUCC; there’s too much going on!

On Communion Sundays, typically the first Sunday of the month, we stay in church for the duration of the service so there is no Kids’ Zone (Sunday school and nursery care are as usual).

It is important to us for our children to be who they are, with their own personalities, questions, ideas, and strengths. And just as important is that we all treat each other with respect and kindness. These are the aims of our Christian education program.

We treasure the children here and know that they are not just the future of our church but of our world!

Youth (Grades 6-12)

Here at RUCC, our youth group welcomes and includes people from the 6th grade through high school. Youth gather to support one another and to practice living out the Christian faith. In addition to great fun and discussions, there are a variety of activities, trips, projects and service opportunities. The entire church looks forward to the special youth Sundays where the youth plan and lead the entire service.

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes help prepare youth interested in church membership.

Pilgrim Pines Camp

We encourage every child and youth to enjoy the church camp experience. Scholarships are available to help children and youth have the experience of a lifetime. Pilgrim Pines Camp and Conference Center is nearby and offers incredible programming that creates formative experiences that endure for a life-time.