Mindfulness: Exploring, Practicing, and Implementing Intentional Focus and Attention


Exploring, Practicing, and Implementing Intentional Focus and Attention

Mindfulness, as its name describes, is an approach to life based on meditation practices; wherein, one intentionally focuses one’s attention on the present moment in an open and accepting way. Present moment experiences, such as: cognitions, bodily sensations, emotional states, sights, sounds, and smells – are invited into one’s consciousness in a stance of open curiosity and compassion.

Research suggests that persons who cultivate mindful awareness in themselves experience fewer mental health symptoms and maintain an improved sense of vitality, meaning, and satisfaction in life.  Join us for this three week series as we explore the topics below in more depth through presentation, discussion, and practice – paying particular attention to how mindfulness improves one’s well-being and sense of connection and meaning in life with self, others, and especially God.




Oct. 6, Monday 7pm-8:30pm

“Introduction to Mindfulness & Attunement” – William Roozeboom, PhD

In this introductory week we will trace the origins and development of mindfulness, and then explore the neuroscientific concepts of “attunement” and “neuroplasticity” as they relate to one’s intra/inter-relational self, empathy, and one’s overall wellness.



Oct. 13, Monday 7-8:30pm

“Mindfulness & Children” – Kari Hidalgo, MA, MFT Intern

 In week two we will focus on fostering mindfulness in children, and exploring tools and techniques for helping our children become mindful in an ever increasingly busy world.



Oct. 20, Monday 7-8:30pm

“Mindfulness & Stress” – Sue Konkel-White, PhD, LMFT

In week three we will look at the effects of stress in our lives; muscular tension, self critical thoughts and negative emotions and practical ways that mindfulness can lead us back toward wholeness of body and mind.

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