Sermons on Creation

“Finding Peace in Nature”

Psalm 23 – Jules Rattray – Last year I finally graduated from my Masters in Outdoor Environment and Sustainability Education, and although the title sounds pretty scientific and formal, My research focused mostly on Psychology, more specifically Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy, and non-formal self guided outdoor education. In January this year, I made the mistake of talking about this to Jill, Karen and John…

“A Tribute to Mary Oliver”

Isaiah 55:12 Jill A. Kirchner-Rose, MDIV, DMIN Last year at this time, our Lenten devotional was entitled, “The Poetry of Lent: A Lenten Companion to Mary Oliver’s Devotions.” It was then that many of us immersed ourselves deeply into Mary Oliver’s writings, opening our hearts to wonder and mystery. Little did we know that between last Lent and this Lent, Mary Oliver…

Saving the Cosmos

Scripture: Isaiah 24:4-5; John 1:1-4 Rev. John Walsh April 10, 2016 On April 22, 1970, we celebrated the first Earth Day. Over a million people marched up Fifth Avenue to Central Park in NYC.  In San Francisco, hundreds of thousands gathered in Golden Gate Park.  Literally millions all over the world demanded that we take action…

David Clark pet blessing

Pet Blessing Sunday

What does it mean to bless animals, what are we doing? Is it a magic spell? We throw around the word blessed all the time. But sometimes it’s good to remember that blessings are more about giving God thanks for gifts and praying that we enjoy the gifts properly. It’s to pray for a good life, happiness, safety. When we learn to bless animals, we learn to bless all creation and one another.