Sermons on Grace


Genesis 1: 26 – 28 and Luke 7: 36 – 39 Jill A. Kirchner-Rose, MDIV, DMIN In her new book, Shameless: A Sexual Reformation, Nadia Boltz-Weber opens her book with a powerful illustration. While in an airplane, flying over the farming fields of the Midwest, she gazed down at the fields below her and noticed something peculiar. The patterns of crops seemed…

Rev. David Clark image for All Saint's Sunday sermon

These are They

These are they whom we love. These are they who took risks. These are they who were ordinary flawed people, but were important. These are they that didn’t have supernatural powers or abilities, but showed up, stood with us when we needed them. These are they that have shaped our lives and made us what we are as individuals and therefore shape what kind of community we are.