“It’s Too Early”

Easter Sunday, April 12 ~ “It’s Too Early” We had hoped to worship together in our sanctuary on the biggest and most important Sunday of the church year, but it is too early. The current shelter in place orders remain. It is too early to gather together in person. In Luke’s Gospel, the disciples discover it is too early, too. They were tempted to give up and give in to the feelings of despair and hopeless. Their Jesus was dead. Like the disciples, we may be experiencing despair. We may want to give in to apathy. We may want to throw in the towel. The good news on this Easter Sunday, however, is that it is too early to give up. For a resurrection is on the way! God is calling us to assist those in pain, those who are hurting, those who are broken. God is calling us to proclaim the resurrection power. We have important ministry to do. Let’s not worry about an empty church. Let’s take the church into the world on this Resurrection Day!