The Blessing and the Curse of the Mirror

Martin Luther King / Ecumenical Sunday – Craig Hadley, Guest Speaker
What is the difference between healthy and unhealthy religion? This is one of the most important questions that practitioners of faith must ask themselves in the year 2021. We will be discussing this question and we will frame this discussion with a parable from Jesus Christ, the metaphor of a mirror, and a writing from Martin Luther King, Jr.  
On this Ecumenical Sunday, pastors in Redlands will be participating in a virtual pulpit exchange. Pastor Jill will be preaching for the First United Methodist Church. Rev. Craig Hadley from Paradox Church will be preaching in our virtual worship service. Craig Hadley graduated from Montana State University, and immediately enrolled at La Sierra University. After a few years, he earned his Masters of Divinity degree. After a few more years, Craig and the Founding Board established Paradox Church. At Paradox, Craig’s greatest joy is to walk through life with others as he and they experience the ever-expanding-and-overflowing-excess of God’s love.