“The Pharisaical Son”

Luke 15: 3 – 7 – Craig Hadley is the Lead Pastor of Paradox Church here in Redlands, California. A group of his friends and family started Paradox in 2016, and two years later, Paradox became the second fully-affirming church in Redlands, 20 years behind RUCC. Currently, Paradox is in a 66-part sermon series through every book of the Bible, and the church is studying part 63, the Gospel of Luke.
Craig and his wife, Kimi, have been married for over 11 years, and their two children, Maya and Bode, paradoxically make them both feel old and young at the same time.
When he was two, Craig moved to Redlands with his family, which he has called home for the past 36 years. He graduated from La Sierra University in Riverside with a Masters of Divinity, and he is on track to graduate with a Doctor of Ministry from George Fox University this May.