“Those Who Dream…of Hope”

Isaiah 9: 2 – 7; Isaiah 40: 1 – 5 Jill A. Kirchner-Rose, MDIV, DMIN Everything starts with a dream. The prophets, the psalmists, John the Baptist, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, Simeon, Anna, the shepherds and the Magi—they were all dreamers. They listened deeply to God’s dreams for the world. During this Advent season, we are encouraged to listen to God’s dreams, too. This Advent theme is for the dreamers in all of us—those who dream of a deeper connection with God and those who dream of a better world. It’s for those who dream of comfort and for those who have given up on their dreams. It’s for those whose dreams have been crushed and for those who show us that dreams take time. This Advent let us dream alongside prophets and angels, Mary and the Magi. Let us seek and sow God’s dreams for our world. After all, those who dream change everything!