“I’ve Been Meaning to Ask…where are you from?”

Genesis 2: 4b – 9; John 1: 43 – 46 – Jill A. Kirchner-Rose, MDIV, DMIN – We begin a new sermon series entitled, “I’ve Been Meaning to Ask…” This sermon series is intended to convey warmth and curiosity as we become the beloved community even in the midst of the Covid challenges of our day. The main objective of this series is to cultivate courageous conversations. Our weekly sub-themes will provide a trajectory for going deeper. The sub-theme for this first Sunday is “…where are you from?” Genesis reminds us that everyone is beloved, shaped from the dust of the earth, and the breath of God. Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories are messy and beautiful, painful and helpful – being written and rewritten over time. Let us commit to disrupting our assumptions about one another and staying curious.