"That Church"

Past Events

Trunk or Treat 2021

RUCC Celebrates Halloween! Put on your best costume for this fun event for all ages. We’ll have music, games, and “Trunk” or Treating in the RUCC Parking Lot. Register now for this awesome event!

Sunday School Kickoff Sunday

Today’s the day we kick off a new Year of Sunday school!

Art, for Heaven’s Sake!

Art, for Heaven’s Sake! is a three day annual art festival during the month of October held on the beautiful grounds and gardens of the church. This premiere art festival of the Inland Empire features 60 plus artists representing a wide variety of media, including acrylics, photography, watercolor, oils, stained glass, jewelry, pottery, and metal sculpture.  Redlands United Church of Christ holds…

2019 Rummage Sale

The 2019 RUCC Rummage Sale is happening at the church from 8 am to 1pm on Saturday, March 9.  It’s the ultimate DEClutter and REcycle event! The proceeds from the sale will be donated to Steps for Life, Family Services, and to the RUCC Building Fund. Got Donations? We need them! You can bring your sale donations to church starting Sunday, March…

Mindfulness: Exploring, Practicing, and Implementing Intentional Focus and Attention

Mindfulness: Exploring, Practicing, and Implementing Intentional Focus and Attention Mindfulness, as its name describes, is an approach to life based on meditation practices; wherein, one intentionally focuses one’s attention on the present moment in an open and accepting way. Present moment experiences, such as: cognitions, bodily sensations, emotional states, sights, sounds, and smells – are…

Open and Affirming in 2014

We had a wonderful session for Open and Affirming and what it means for RUCC as a congregation and what we could be doing in the community. All are welcome to join in the next conversation on September 30th at 7:00.